Group Travel

Do you have more than 10 people traveling together? Our Groups Department can cater for all your needs, including transportation, accommodation & activities. STA Group Travel has tons of ideas for booking almost any kind of Group Tour; School Group, Sports Tour, Corporate Group trip, or your own personal Group holiday. Group Travel is a great way to experience new places with friends, family or your school. Naturally we can also arrange insurance, tours, accommodation, transfers and other activities.

Small group adventure tours




Our small group adventure tours embrace authentic accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife.

Depending on the destination, there are about 10 travelers on one of our trips — the maximum is usually never more than 16.


Large group adventure tours




These highly inclusive social tours for 18-35 years old are made for those wanting to hang out with like-minded, adventurous tour mates.

They give you heaps of free time to relax, explore or just hang out — there could be anywhere between 20-50 people on one tour so you’re guaranteed to make loads of friends.