Famously Low Student And Youth Tickets


STA  Student & Youth ticket is valid for 12 months. It is generally cheaper than other tickets because they have lower fares, but also because you do not pay extra for stop-overs and complex routings. With STA tickets you have the flexibility to change your travel date and route against a fee (subject to availability on the new flight you request).

Things you should know about the STA Students & Youth ticket

  • If you have a valid ISIC card you can get the Student and Youth ticket.
  • You can change all Student and Youth tickets before or after departure. Just contact STA via phone, email or their website.
  • You do not pay extra for flexibility. In fact, prices for youth & students are lower than regular prices and even the cheapest tickets are flexible.
  • STA tickets can be booked as one-way journeys or return.
  • With STA Student and Youth  airfares, we can create itineraries that have multiple stopovers in Africa, Asia and Australia.

Please contact STAs travel experts for more information and bookings.

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